Video Conferencing is Changing Business

Video conferencing could be the biggest technology advancement yet! This virtual meeting technology is a real time, interactive tool for businesses and individuals to communicate via audio, video, and computer technology at a distance anywhere in the world where there is high speed Internet. It is dramatically affecting the way people do business, and relate. Some businesses and telecommuters on the Coast who are fortunate enough to have broadband access are already using it to great advantage. They save time, money and gas by having video conferences via the computer. Not having to make the two hour round trip to Ukiah translates into faster decisions, greater productivity and less stress. Telecommuters can work from home in our coastal paradise and still participate in meetings “at” the company.

A Mendocino businessman was able to fulfill his heart’s desire to move to the Coast while still working with his partner in the Bay Area. They talk daily using video conferencing. A person in Fort Bragg can compete in the national job market if he or she can be interviewed “almost live” by a prospective employer. They are no longer limited by living in a remote location. Distance education uses this technology to allow an online student to visually participate in classes. They can even go on virtual field trips.

Telemedicine is a fast growing technology that employs video conferencing well. It facilitates remote diagnosis and checkups without the patient needing to leave the area. The patient can communicate directly to a doctor in another location using this computer capability. Home health care patients can be monitored at home if they have broadband. People can stay in their homes on the Coast longer.

Video conferencing technologies like Skype connect families around the world. Soldiers can see and talk with their families back home. Grandparents can bond with their grandkids in another town and watch them grow up. Seniors no longer need feel isolated from family and friends. Lovers and spouses living and working apart stay linked with this capability to interact “live”.

Video conferencing is an amazing new tool that offers many benefits for our remote location. Our Coastal residences can demand the broadband access it needs by letting President Obama, Governor Schwarzenegger and other government officials know it matters.


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