Participate in the New Paradigm

In the big picture, the 21st Century signals a move away from Industrial Age into the Technological Age. It requires smarter, more creative ways of thinking, working, relating, socializing, purchasing, selling, governance, and participation in government. New types of businesses will be birthed, unimagined jobs created, and social innovation unparalleled. Like it or not, we are a technologically driven world, and every part of our society and world will be transformed by it. The Internet models the principles of this new paradigm.

The first principle of the new paradigm, and computer systems theory, is that everything is interrelated. It is about getting connected, and forming networks on every level from our local community to vast social networking communities like Facebook. The possibilities of future global connections are unfathomable.

Participation by the many is now a key principle to balance the few in Board rooms holding hierarchical power. President-elect Obama is modeling a new way of governance by inviting participation of the citizens on his websites to offer their questions, stories, and ideas. Those on dialup cannot access his weekly video addresses, although they did add text. He is encouraging self-organizing communities so we, the people, can get involved to do our parts locally, and connect to the other communities nationwide on the Web. It is about “WE” more than “ME” in the new paradigm. Obama is bringing a team of advisors together to represent the many and diverse voices in America to promote understanding, cooperation and coordination. All people should be able to tap into these Internet discussions and video conferences.

Equality of Web-based economic opportunity and education are necessary in order to participate in, and reap the rewards of, this new Age. With high speed Internet, it does not matter where a person lives or works now that the world is “flattened” into a computer screen.

What can you do? Even on dial up? Go to and tell President-elect Obama your story about why it is important for his administration to make funding available first for broadband infrastructure in our rural area to revitalize our economy. On the bar at the top, click on “Agenda” click and scroll down to “Technology” to see the thoughts on broadband. Click “Submit your Ideas” to offer your support and even insistence for rural access. Let our County Supervisors as well as State and Federal elected officials know it matters to you.


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