How Broadband Enhances Life


  • Email family and friends
  • Instant message online or send text messages to a phone
  • Share articles, news, pictures, videos, music with others
  • Send information (documents, pictures, maps, plans, sound files, etc.) around the world in minutes

Social Networking

  • Reconnect with old friends and classmates
  • Connect with people of similar interests worldwide; Meet new people and date
  • Interact via social networking sites or virtual worlds like Facebook, MySpace or Second Life
  • Arrange carpools or rideshares

Community Networking

Reference & Research

  • Search the County library catalog & request items:
  • Find and share recipes
  • Research any item of interest like genealogy, health concerns, political issues, candidates, or wave energy
  • Look up the answer to almost any question & find more information than any encyclopedia could hold
  • Ask for expert advice on any topic
  • Download and read whole books:
  • Track legislation or follow climate change or bird migrations
  • Search for job postings

Mapping & Google Earth


  • Play educational children’s games
  • Play games (solitaire or multi-player) like Scrabble, poker, chess or puzzles
  • Play massively multiplayer online games like WOW or DnD or simulation games like SIMS
  • Play fantasy sports like football, basketball, golf, hockey or auto racing

Media: Music & Audio

Media: Video & YouTube

Media: Images

  • Upload digital pictures & order prints through a local photo shop or to be mailed directly to the home
  • Design and publish a hardcopy book of images like
  • Comparing and Shopping
  • Shop at a local bookstore:
  • Shop online at Harvest Market:
  • Learn more about products and services where the ad says “see website for complete details”
  • Compare reviews on any item before purchasing – Consumer Reports
  • Shop for items that otherwise might require a long distance drive to find
  • Find items on eBay or sell items online directly to collectors
  • Arrange to barter goods or services or find free items on
  • Locate local food producers or arrange to trade saved seeds
  • Track down the perfect used car, truck or farm equipment

Travel Planning

  • Compare prices, offerings and reviews of restaurants and hotels. Make reservations.
  • Research and shop for best deals on rental cars and flights or arrange home swaps for vacations

Activism & Advocacy

  • Participate in local, regional, national & international activism
  • Advocate or petition for community resources
  • Donate to or support causes worldwide or fundraise online with Paypal
  • Locate and apply for grant funding
  • Attract volunteers from all over to support a cause
  • Leverage local volunteer work with published work by similar interest groups
  • Become a citizen monitor for water quality:


  • Blog; keep a public journal or write a newsletter
  • Become known as an online writer and then become a professional journalist
  • Promote an interest, cause, hobby or event

News & Weather


  • Complete homework assignments at home; collaborate on projects with other students
  • Communicate with your students’ teachers
  • Share home school curricula, lessons and projects
  • Find and share student projects in many formats: written, audio, visual, slides
  • Learn about the Mendocino High School SONAR program:
  • Attend child or adult online classes through distance learning
  • Earn a high school, undergraduate or graduate degree online
  • Learn to type, to speak a foreign language, or to do animation

Medical Info & Healthcare

  • Have medical information analyzed remotely or arrange second opinions
  • Research medical conditions or register as a living organ donor
  • Maintain your medical history or join a support group

Emergency Services

Government Services

Volunteer Distributed Computing

  • Share personal computer processing to support projects like SETI@home, Rosetta@home

Computer Support

  • Download software upgrades
  • Request service support from your hardware manufacturer
  • Maintain current virus protections
  • Remotely store and backup data


  • Telecommute part time or full time
  • Work for a business in another city, state or country

Business & Banking

  • Start/expand a home business; access business support via online companies
  • Work a second job online; improve employability and employment opportunities
  • Collaboratively edit documents, spreadsheets and slides and “sign” documents online
  • Conduct business, sell goods and services, find clients, or advertise
  • Bank and pay bills online or manage a 401K or portfolio
  • Bank online with a local credit union like:

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