Broadband update as of February 10, 2010

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors took a giant step forward at their February 9 meeting to adopt a Resolution to “support the development and capacity build out of broadband connectivity throughout the County”. The Resolution calls for the mobilization of resources for rural economic development efforts supporting broadband development, assistance to all broadband projects and convening and facilitation of community and agency information sessions.This Resolution was brought to the Supervisors by the Community Foundation of Mendocino County. The Community Foundation has chosen economic development as a key issue for the County this year, and broadband as an important piece. They want to stimulate business while preserving the rural character and beauty of our County and know having ubiquitous broadband for businesses and citizens is critical to job creation and economic health.

The County will mobilize resources for the rural economic development efforts and provide assistance to projects, and join the Community Foundation and Mendocino Coast Broadband Alliance to form a partnership to work toward the goal of high speed Internet for all. This is a bold and much appreciated step.

Rural Broadband Now is putting in a second round application for federal stimulus funds to deploy broadband fiber to the unserved residences in the inland valley north of Ukiah to Leggett and Percy. It is unclear what will be in the application for the Coast.

This Resolution is important for the future of broadband in the County and details will follow on how it will play out. The Supervisors are to be commended for this positive action.


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